Swab Its Precision Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs 24 Pieces


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When you get back from the field or the range take the time to properly clean and lubricate your firearm to ensure optimal performance. While you can pick up any swab kit, the Swab Its Precision Tip Gun Cleaning Swabs are head and shoulders above their competition with their high quality components and excellent design. Next time you are in the market for firearm cleaning supplies, take a solid look at Swab Its and never look back.

Excellent for:
Trigger Assemblies
Pins and Levers
Slides Rails
Magazines and Magazine Wells

Specifications and Features:
Shed resistant-lint and fiber free
Economical-washable and reusable
Stand up to most commercially available solvents
Nonabrasive and durable
Resealable Bag
Foam Swab Dimensions:
Head Width: .24″
Head Length: .56″
Handle Width: .20″
Handle Length: 2.83″


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