NSI 12GA 2-3/4 00BUCK


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These 12 gauge shells from NobelSport’s Italian facility are some of the highest quality rounds available for your shotgun. Each of these shells features a 2-3/4 inch length and contains 9 pellets of hardened, 00 buckshot sized lead pellets; harder pellets more readily keep their shape while traveling down the barrel and typically yield tighter patterns and deeper penetration into a target. The pellets rest atop a cushioning wad which not only protects them from deformation, but reduces recoil for the shooter.

As low-recoil rounds, these shotshells have a reduced-strength powder charge which enables quicker follow-up shots in a defense or duty situation. Each shell is capped by a plastic shot card and has a raised and rounded rim for quick insertion into a tube magazine or break-open bore. Nobel Sport Italia is a subsidiary of Europe’s first powder and ammunition manufacturer. Over two centuries of experience has made the Nobel Sport name famous among competitive skeet shooters, bird hunters, and law enforcement officers all over the globe.

  • Manufacturer: NobelSport Shotshells
  • Bullet Type: #00 Buck
  • Use Type: Buckshot
  • Quantity: 10
  • Ammo Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Shot Material: Lead
  • Shell Length: 2-3/4″
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1200fps


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