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A-Zoom .22 LR Rimfire Action Proving Rounds are precisely dimensioned to be the actual size of the ammunition it represents. These particular proving rounds are not snap caps that you would use for dry fire practice, but rather a tool used by a Gunsmith. After working tirelessly on a firearm you may want to perform a basic function test and see if a round will seat, eject, and potentially even cycle without having the dangers associated with using a live round for testing. These round are CNC machined from solid aluminum and can also be used for hunter education, or teaching safe firearms handling. The rounds are safe to be loaded into magazines just like real ammo.

Specifications and Features:
A-Zoom Rimfire Action Proving Rounds 12208
.22 LR
6 CNC Machined Aluminum Rounds Per Pack
Used as a Tool by Gunsmiths
Used as a Tool by Firearms Instructors


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